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Caffeine and Pregnancy – Can I Drink Coffee During Pregnancy?

Caffeine and pregnancy do not mix that well – the health risks associated with too much coffee or caffeine during pregnancy are widely documented by health professionals.

The Food Standard Agency in Britain advises pregnant mothers to drink no more then 4 cups of coffee per day. Research has found that drinking over 300mg can lead to low birth weights and increase the risk of miscarriage.

Mothers should be aware that caffeine is found in lots of food and drinks, from chocolate to your favorite soft drink like Cola, and even tea and popular energy drinks.

Caffeine also affects other areas of pregnancy which can include a delayed conception for those trying to conceive and the heart rate of the fetus can also be affected if too much caffeine is absorbed by mother during pregnancy.

It goes without saying that if you’re pregnant or have concerns over your caffeine intake to reduce it or simply cut out those cups of coffee, tea and soft drinks and there is little if anything to worry about, but if you’re feeling anxious about consuming caffeine during pregnancy it is wise to seek advice from a medical professional who can advise you on your particular diet.

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