Food, Diet and Nutrition in Pregnancy

Pregnancy Nutrition When You’re Expecting Twins

When you’re pregnant, your doctor will advise you to eat nutritious food because you will be eating for two. But what if you’re expecting twins? Should you double your food intake because you are already eating for three?

Your twin pregnancy nutrition is a very important factor to have a healthy twin pregnancy. Low birth weight and premature delivery are just some of the complications of twin pregnancy. To reduce your chances of having a pregnancy complication, you should put nutrition as your highest priority. Eat the right kind of food. The foods you eat are the building blocks of your growing babies. It is not necessary to double your intake as long as you’re eating enough and you are choosing nutritious over junk food.

Monitor your iron intake. During pregnancy, your iron need increases and will increase significantly with a twin pregnancy. Your babies will get iron from your body or use your iron stores so it is important to get enough. Eat red meats as these contain large amounts of iron. Drink juice or take in a vitamin C supplement because it can help in iron absorption. If you are a vegetarian and is having problem with eating meats, your doctor may prescribe iron supplements or alternatives instead.

During the third trimester, your twins will use your calcium stores to aid in the development of their bones. If the pregnant woman’s calcium stores are insufficient, calcium will be drawn out of her bones and may lead to loss of bone mass. To avoid this, it is important to eat foods high in calcium such as milk, cheese and yogurt.

Your pregnancy nutrition should also focus on protein and healthy fats. Protein-rich food sources are beef, chicken and tuna.

The importance of folic acid should not be ignored. It is needed for brain development and for prevention of birth defects. You can get folic acid from citrus fruits and whole grains.

Remember to plan your twin pregnancy well and engage in healthy eating. Eat small amounts frequently and drink lots of fluids in between meals

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