Food, Diet and Nutrition in Pregnancy

Pregnancy Nutrition

Watching your nutrition during pregnancy is critical to your well-being and the healthy development of your baby in the womb. Women should really be planning their diet before they become pregnant so they aren’t rushing about in a panic when they find out they are pregnant and are unsure of what to eat to provide the proper nourishment their baby needs while developing.

A diet lacking in good pregnancy nutrition can lead to complications in pregnancy and studies have shown that mothers who consume a wholesome diet with good nutrition can reduce the risks of mortality and disorders. For this reason we aim to shed some light on what exactly is good pregnancy nutrition.

For good nutrition during pregnancy women should be consuming extra calories to ensure their baby’s get their essential nutrients. The recommended number of extra calories to consume is 300-350.

Folic acid should be taken according to your doctor’s recommendations which will help prevent birth defects like spina bifida and growth retardation.

Beta-carotene is said to be important because of the benefits of the Vitamin A it produces in the body – so make sure to eat lots of carrots.

Eating smaller meals is advised for optimum pregnancy nutrition as it keeps your body fed throughout the day rather then at the usual 3 intervals.

Protein is extremely important during pregnancy so ensure you eat lots of chicken, meats and fish low in mercury levels. The benefit of eating more fish is that you also get nutrition from the omega 3 fatty acids which provide your body with DHA which is said to improve the development of the brain of your baby while it’s growing.

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