Getting Pregnant

Referrals to Infertility Specialists

A couple should visit their general physician or gynecologist if after a year they are still having problems getting pregnant.  Women over the age of 35 should start it just after six months.  There are many reasons possible for infertility.I  t may arise form female partner, male partner or form both.

Causes For Infertility in Women

Following causes are responsible for causing female fertility:

* Autoimmune disorders (e.g. Antiphospholipid syndrome)

* Clotting disorders ( e.g. Thrombophilia)

* Uterine disorders ( e.g. Uterine fibroids, polyps, myomas)

* Ovarian disorders ( e.g. Polycystic ovary, ovarian cysts)

* Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)

* Sexually transmitted diseases ( e.g. Chalmydia, gonorrhea)

* Endometriosis

* Thickening of endometrium

* Hormonal imbalance

* Deficiency of hormones production

* Poor reproductive health

* Heavy exercise

* High intake of alcohol

* Obesity

* Diabetic melitus

* Tumor

These abnormalities cause problem in one or more of the following fucntions in women:

* Production of eggs by ovaries

* Movement of eggs from ovary to uterus

* Implantation of fertilized embryo on the uterine wall

* Survival and growth of fertilized embryo in uterus

Causes For Infertility in Men

Following causes seem to be responsible for causing infertility in men:

* Genetic disorders (e.g. Round-headed sperms)

* Excessive or deficient hormone levels

* Impotency

* Infections (involving testes or epididymis)

* Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

* Retrograde ejaculation

* High intake of alcohol

* Usage of marijuana (weed)

* Trauma

* Exposure to heat

* Smoking

* Certain drugs (cimetidine, spironolactone)

All these factors can cause result in low sperm count or decrease in their activity.  Gynecologist may refer the couple who is having problems in conceiving to a reproductive endocrinologist to find out the cause of infertility.  After making diagnosis of the cause, gynecologist may refer the couple to a fertility expert.  A fertility expert may does one of the following depending upon the cause of infertility:

* Education

* Counseling

* Medical treatments ( Intrauterine insemination or In vitro fertilization)

* Drugs for treating the pathology or for promoting the ovulation.

The good news is that 80-85% of the couples become pregnant after determining and treating the cause without the medical treatments.

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