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Signs of Ovulation

If you’re trying to get pregnant or conceive, chances are that you would benefit from knowing more about the signs of ovulation. During ovulation, we are at our most fertile, therefore the chances of becoming pregnant during this time is greatly enhanced. Ovulation occurs when your body releases an egg from your ovary, which then begins to travel along the fallopian tubes. If following sexual intercourse, the egg becomes fertilized by your partner’s sperm, then you become pregnant.

It all sounds so easy when we write it down like this; obviously real life is a little bit different though. Some women may not be aware of when they are ovulating, so being aware of physical signs of ovulation would be helpful. With that in mind, we’ve provided additional details of the more common signs of ovulation below:

Physical signs of ovulation

  • You may start to experience swollen or tender breast during ovulation
  • Twinges or cramps around the abdominal area. These are nothing to worry about; however they are one of the more common signs of ovulation.
  • Some women will experience a small increase in the amount of discharge they have. Again, it will be nothing to be overly concerned about, more a sign.  
  • If you are unable to spot any of the signs of ovulation above, you might like to consider asking your doctor how to detect changes in position and firmness of the cervix.
  • Another of the more common signs of ovulation is the slight increase in body temperature during ovulation. For some women, this is very easily detectable, for others, not so. We suggest that you check your Basel temperature morning and night and chart the results, over time this will help you to identify when you are most likely to ovulate.
  • You should also check the opening of your vagina for mucus. It has been identified that additional mucus is prominent at the start of ovulation. Although, this is not the most reliable way to spot the signs of ovulation.

Spending time monitoring and checking the signs of ovulation can often take away the natural element to making a baby. We certainly appreciate, that for many couples planning for a baby is an important step, so it goes without saying that taking the time to identify the signs of ovulation will only enhance the chances of conception. However, we’d like to suggest that there is a healthy balance to consider.

Instead, try to relax, have fun and enjoy the opportunity to make love to your partner without worrying about contraception. Regular sex is the most important factor when trying to conceive, it works even better if that sex is fun and looked forward to by both people. If you’ve been having regular unprotected sex for more than three months without conceiving, you might then want to start looking at the different signs of ovulation. At this point, there is absolutely nothing to worry about, many couples take several months before becoming pregnant. Whilst others just seem to look at each other before becoming pregnant.

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