Food, Diet and Nutrition in Pregnancy

What to Eat during Pregnancy

One of the biggest concerns of pregnant women is knowing whether or not they are getting enough nutrients, and many of them are wondering what to eat during pregnancy. On average a woman who is pregnant needs to consume approximately 2500 calories per day and after birthing up to 3000 calories per day for breast feeding.

Like in all other situations in life, a well-balanced diet containing foods from all the groups of the nutrition pyramid is adequate when it comes to what to eat during pregnancy. If you eat something from each group, you will have plenty of energy during the expecting months.

Now that you know what to eat during pregnancy, what you need to do is watch the amounts. In order to design your diet wisely, you will need around 55% of your calories coming from carbohydrates including rice, corn, pasta, bread, potatoes and whole grain products.

Another 35% of your calories must be added as a result of fat that you must also include to have a balanced diet. The source of healthy fat is found in margarine, butter, oils, nuts and dairy products.

Finally, reserve only 10% of the calories for food providing protein such as meat, fish, eggs, beans and dairy products. You asked what to eat during pregnancy, but you must not omit what to drink. You will need plenty of fluids, natural fruit juice and particularly citrus which provides folic acid.

If necessary your doctor, nutritionist, midwife or health care provider can recommend a dietary supplement to add vitamins and minerals to your diet. Last but not least, eat plenty of fiber-rich foods like whole-meal bread and cereal to avoid constipation.

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